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Feature Film

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Sixty-eight year old August Dupree is in a rut.  A big one.  He’s in Act Three of his life, not knowing and honestly not caring if there is going to be an Act Four.  One afternoon, he discovers a ramshackle old blue Volkswagen bus has been dropped off in his driveway. Inside, he finds a sealed wooden box and a letter from an old childhood friend who has recently died.  The letter instructs him to take the bus and the box on a road trip from Los Angeles to New Orleans.  Bound by his friend's last dying wish and without opening the box, "Augie" convinces another close friend to take the road trip with him to New Orleans, the city he left when he was just seventeen years old, never to return, until now.

What transpires is their adventure on the road, a “buddy flick” if you will, that actually develops into a coming of age story for two middle aged guys - one who has run from his past his entire life and the other, a Peter Pan character who has never really grown up. With a background of the great American landscape on the road and the rich vibes and textures of New Orleans, "Blue Bus" takes Augie and Joey on a journey of discovery and an adventure that will change their lives forever. 

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